‘Musicians should work harder’ – Eddy Yawe

Veteran musician Eddy Yawe has advised musicians to work harder if they are to achieve.

Eddy Yawe erected one of the biggest celebrity mansions about 15 years ago.

The house that sits on five acres of land in Kireka, a Kampala suburb, is valued at over Ugx 5 billion.

It boasts of a mega helipad and other high-end luxurious facilities.

The photos that leaked a year ago showcased an uncompleted mansion but over the weekend, he had a housewarming party.

When asked how he managed to achieve the big milestone, the Dream studios boss said he has been working hard and the completed project is a product of his sweat.

“I have been working hard for two decades. This is what I have achieved in the music industry,” Yawe said.

“I advise musicians to focus because there is a lot of money in the entertainment business,” he added.

Meanwhile, some social media users claim the project was funded by the Government

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