Catherine Nagawa reportedly quits NBS TV

Renown dancer and YouTube content creator Catherine Nagawa has quit Naguru-based NBS Television for a new role at the newly established TM-TV.

It is now close to a month since Catherine Nagawa’s name dominated the headlines following allegations that she appeared in a sextape with her lover.

The sextape was later deemed fake as Nagawa revealed how “everything circulating on the media is Fake”, absolutely denying to be the lady in the sextape that made rounds on social media.

Nagawa has not been a regular on the ‘Katch Up’ show since the scenario, leading her followers into believing that she was sacked from NBS TV.

NBS Television on Twitter: "Stop thinking, and concentrate on the moves.  After all, that's what matters the most. 📸@francis_isano. #NBSSNL  #TMLMusicLounge #NBSUpdates…"

On Monday, it was revealed that Nagawa joined the newly established TM-TV to present a gossip show dubbed Palapase with renown social media blogger Ray Supasta.

She appeared on the official artwork shared by TM-TV which is located in Kizungu, Masaka City.

It is reportedly owned by former NTV journalist Justine Nameere.

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