The dead are not dead: Zari Hassan visits late city tycoon and husband Ivan Sewmanga’s grave.


We all remember and miss the flashy parties thrown around the city by Kampala’s socialite, South African businessman late Ivan Semwanga who had a mysterious death back in May 2017. He was well known for throwing the December all white parties at the famous Kampala industrial area clubs of Governor and silk.

Earlier this week, Zari Hassan a South Africa based Ugandan socialite made headlines as she took time off her busy schedule to visit her late husband and also her baby daddy Ivan Ssemwanga’s grave as it has always been on her visit to Uganda.

While at the grave site in Kayunga district, the reality TV star and a mother of five was seen enjoying her moment as seen in videos posted on her socials seated on top of the grave. Well this might sound scarily to many, but remember the dead are not dead. 

At the time of Ivan Semwanga’s death in 2017, Postdator has it that Zari was already enjoying Tanzania’s famous music artist Diamond Platinum’s company “cassava”.

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