Smack’s HM exposed by the principal’s social media team.

Brother Deodati Aliganyira

Brother Aliganyira and the horrible bad days.


If you think you are experiencing bad days, imagine SMACK’S HM brother Deodati Aliganyira. Over the past weeks, things seem to be worsening on his side, the latest landing on our desks at Postdator are allegations of him as a man-eater of fellow male teachers during his works of operation.

The allegations are being pushed more by the NUP social media team headed by the drone man Fred Lumbuye under the hashtag #PrincipalTasobya.

The latest coming up is the back-dated story of brother Deodati Aliganyira caught point-blank under homosexuality acts chewing fellow male teachers at the times in Kakumiro district as headteacher at St. Edwards.


How did it all start?

It is considered that after the suspension of Ghetto Gladiator’s “Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu” son Solomon Kampala on allegations of distributing drugs On school premises. From our sources, the issues were first settled by the school and parents as more evidence was still being collected,  but to our surprise, the issues were seen surfacing the internet exposing once confidential issues.

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