Fred Lumbuye finally exposed. You have no moral authority to ask for my CV

Fred Lumbuye and Isma Olaxess

The latest reaching our gossiping desk is Jajja Iculi aka Isma Olaxess hitting hard on Lumbuye Fred aka chemical Ali. If you ever think of battles between Russia and Ukraine, think of Lumbuye and Isma Olaxess when it comes to Uganda. At times, these have gone the extra mile to expose each other in and out.


So what’s the latest hit from them now?

Well, Earlier this evening, a social media influencer Isma Olaxess broke the silence after Lumbuye’s recent video requesting him (Isma) to submit his academic documents to prove his educational background.

We all know Isma Olaxess as a famous talkative person all over the country, on social media and different media platforms.  If you know you know, but Isma is not a walkover. We have witnessed him attack people from different walks of life, be it a politician, fellow social media influencers, or bloggers.

From his latest video released earlier this evening, he pinned Fred Lumbuye

“You have no moral authority to ask for my academic documents, the whole country knows more about my educational background than they know you. He also added and proved his former schools, OBs, and OGs working in different institutions all over the country.” 

Anyways, if you can have it on Lumbuye’s side if you say your Obs and OGs work in different institutions, then where is Isma’s workplace? 

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