Celebrated stand up female comedian Whitney reveals why women love sex.

Why women love sex

Wow, what a strange topic from Postdator this time around, today we shall be highlighting some of the main focus reasons as to why women love sex and they shouldn’t go unnoticed and an exclusive reason from Whitney Cummings. 

To men out there, sex is fun and one of the moments to note in their life journals, but have you ever taken a second thought as to why women go in for sex, and why they would run away for good sex. 

Well, as Postdator we got you covered and posted. We all have different reasons as to why we go in for sex, though at most our reasons will be similar due to humanity though it might be hard for us to tell what led to the act. 

In most cases, some people would find themselves in the act but without a genuine reason, well it’s all the power of our minds.

In countries like ours, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa, some women are considered to be sex machines by men since many (Women) exchange sex for money or material things. But besides all those, some women till today shy over the word sex and are often touted as ‘bad’ if they do openly talk about their sexual desires.

However, studies provide evidence that women need more sex than men and not the other way round.


Have you heard of Medicinal sex? It’s the sex to feel better. 

In many cases, women use sex to cure their migraines. This happens during sex they release endormorphins. Sex can help women relieve period pains.

Although women have a desire for sex more than men, men always rush for it on the first and third dates. But trust me and I suggest you should try it out, women will always rush in for the remaining or coming times calling it love yet to men, love is considered as women’s madness.

Whitney Commings a female stand up comedian from her talk shows, she also adds that 

“We don’t always have sex because we love that dick, No! No. Half the time I have sex with a guy it’s because it burns calories. I don’t have time to go to the gym so…. I should probably just fuck this guy”

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