The return of Uganda’s Tweeting General.

The Return Of General Muhoozi

Latest coming in is the return of Uganda’s tweet general. On Monday, First son General Muhoozi Kaineruga’s Twitter account was taken down though there are no conclusive reasons as to why it was taken down. 

If you are a serious addict to social media, I am sure you already know how General Muhoozi loves Twitter. We haven’t seen him explore other social media platforms besides Twitter but we are sure is one guy who can’t do without it. 

Even though his account was taken down, General Muhoozi hurriedly opened up a new account with user @m-kaineruga, check him out in case you are interested in hooking up as his follower, but this time around, he’s playing the game like the young netizens of TikTok, with his trick of follow me I follow you back, the Twitter general is in to attract more followers to catch up with the trend of huge followers. But I suggest he should also try out TikTok so that is not left out next time his account is taken down.


“Help me tell Everyone that the Tweeting General is back. And that he is following back only the first 3000 followers. 

This is A very fresh new beginning, I’m very sure you are going to witness a very changed person” General Muhoozi. 

A note to take here, even though General Muhoozi uses Twitter as his communication channel. There’s no conclusive evidence that he is behind this new account.

It might be a fake account
It might be a fake account

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