City tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel in a brand new relationship

Lwasa Tatoo

Love Life: Masaka city businessman, bonk star, and men’s lawyer with a brand new catch


AAHAHAH! We are back on it again. Trust me, when it comes to hooking it up city babes, Lwasa is the guy in town.

We have had a lot of men hook up city babes, but am sure no one is within Lwasa’s league. A month after his recent breakup with bonkmate Angle, he is back with a brand new brown babe. With a unique style, she has Lwasa’s tattoo on her right leg. For sure let’s hope it won’t end in tears like the previous relationships.

Indeed it’s a Surprise, with recent photos of him floating with Faridah Nakazibwe, we all thought it was the next big thing, but we are sure Lwasa can’t just let her go. She might have remaind in her love archives.

Lwasa Tatoo
Lwasa Tatoo

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