We were used and dumped by Bruno K, Muwunya boys narrate

Bruno K And Muwunya Boys

Social media wars: Uganda’s got talent Muwunya boys in battle with Bruno K


In Uganda, we shall never get bored, in recent weeks, we have been hyping Lt. General MUhoozi Kainerugaba’s birthday vibes, and now we are in with Bruno K and the Muwunya boys.

For sure, it has been long since we last heard of the Muwunya boys.

Firstly, let’s move a little bit back about the Munya boys and how they came to Uganda’s limelight.

Like always, if you ever think of luck, come to Uganda, you never know when you are the big thing in town.

The Muwunya boys were first seen at Uganda’s Got Talent Show (Yoleesa Ekitoone) as dances who had come to try out their big thing to win millions, but later that day tables turned against them as one of the tournament judges’ Alex Mukulu bitterly throw bitter words on their face Muwunya (smelling), this left the spectators of the show not happy and hating on the judge.

The issue hit headlines and in a short time, they were recognized by Uganda’s celebrated artist Bruno K who promised to give them a helping hand to support their career.

Truth be told, Bruno K supported the Muwunya boys to his level best and since then, they have been spotted floating around the city living a celebrity lifestyle than what they expected to get from (Uganda’s Got Talent) the Yoleesa Ekitone tournament.

With all their success stories with Bruno K, it is now in vain as close sources reveal that they are now turning tables against him claiming that he used them to shine.

With all that, B2C’s Bruno K has no kind words for the Muwunya boys, from his Twitter page, is bitterly spitting out all the secrets and all that his manager did for the boys.

As readers at Postdator, Kindly take a closer look and analyze the Muwunya boys and Bruno K issue, we suppose he helped them at some point. If you think is not worth celebrations, drop a comment we shall get back to you as Postdator

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