Muse Creative Awards 2023, Gold Winner

Nomad Ghana Wins 2023 MUSE Creative Award.

Under the leadership of Annika Hernroth- Rothstein, the newest member of the continental creative agency has emerged in Ghana as a force to be reckoned with.

The winning trio: Ariho (Uganda), Julius (Rwanda) and Annika (Ghana).

As a first-time winner of the MUSE Creative Awards, I am thrilled to share the journey of our team in creating a TV commercial that highlights the impact of money remittances in Africa. Our goal was to raise awareness of the positive impact of money remittances in Africa, and how they are changing the lives of people on the continent.

Money remittances are a critical lifeline for many people in Africa, enabling them to receive funds from family and friends living abroad. In 2020, despite the pandemic, money remittances to Africa totalled $540 billion, with Nigeria, Egypt, and Ghana among the top recipients. These funds help to support education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship, among other things.

Our team wanted to showcase this impact in a way that would resonate with viewers, both in Africa and around the world. We started by researching the topic extensively, working for a successful fintech like Zee pay, arguably Africa’s most versatile and mobile wallet made it easy. They had the statistical data which had been well arranged into “the 7 pillars strategy” that later became the backbone of the campaign.

From there, we began crafting a script that would tell a powerful story. We wanted to show how money remittances are not just about sending and receiving money, but about the relationships and connections they represent. We worked with a talented director, Ramesh Jai and crew to bring the script to life, filming on location in Ghana. The experience, local insight, energy, and winning mentality our Nomad Ghana CEO, Annika Hernroth- Rothstein brings to the team resulted into a 60-second TV commercial that we are incredibly proud of.

The ad depicts a young African man leaving behind a young family and migrates to find work opportunities and support his family despite the hardships. Through the ad, we see the resilient African spirit and the impact of the remittance on his family and many other beneficiaries of remittances.

Winning the 2023 MUSE Creative Award for this Ad is a huge honor and a validation of all the hard work and creativity that went into its creation. But more than that, we hope that the ad will continue to raise awareness of the positive impact of money remittances in Africa and inspire more people to support their loved ones through this vital channel.

Nomad exists to enable brands get Know, Loved and Trusted, so creating a TV commercial that highlights the impact of money remittances in Africa was an incredibly rewarding experience. We are grateful to the MUSE Creative Awards for recognizing our work, and we look forward to continuing to create content that makes a positive difference in people’s lives.



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