Best Female Ramadan outfits from your favorite Celebrities.

Lucky Mbabazi

Ramadan Outfits: Idd is soon, dress up as your favorite female celebrity   To all the Muslim friends, as Postdator, we would love to congratulate you on the completion of your fasting period. May the almighty Allah accept your fasting. As any for any celebrations, dressing to kill for female Muslims is the order of the day as its what…

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Lucky Mbabazi advises Bugingo over marriage scandals

Early this week, Pastor Bugingo denied marrying his lover, Suzan Makula in a traditional marriage. Bugingo said he visited her family as a guest. This has since raised a lot of dust on social media and many people continue to criticize the man of God for his actions. Radio personality Lucky Mbabazi believes Bugingo should dissolve his first marriage to…

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‘I was bullied in school because of big lips’ – Lucky Mbabazi

As a younger girl, Lucky Mbabazi was body shamed by a classmate. Her classmate used to refer to her as “big lips” something which made her insecure. Body shaming didn’t start yesterday. It is a vice that has only grown stronger. Especially with the globe being turned into one small village through social media. According to Capital FM presenter Lucky…

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