Shame on you. I can’t date a sausage man, Sumbie queen Zari Hassan blasts Masaka city tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi.

zari the boss lady and Lwasa

Catch it if you can please.   It’s not a month since Masaka city tycoon Emanuel Lwassa Kaweesi broke up with his newly married woman Angle Kwankunda and now is trying to throw his net to try the big catch “Zari Hassan” famously known as The boss lady on social media and her offline circles.  Known for his love for…

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Bindeeba Raymond, Mr. Cocktail: Excited Precious Remmie praises new lover on live TV.

Bindeeba Raymond

Wow, believe us or not, this time you have to agree with Postdator. When you meet a new bonk-mate, to the ladies, the cassava bearer. It’s a trend of new lifestyles, fantasy names and much more. On the streets of kampala and all over social media, we got Mr. Cocktail. It’s from none other than your one and only celebrated…

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The dead are not dead: Zari Hassan visits late city tycoon and husband Ivan Sewmanga’s grave.


We all remember and miss the flashy parties thrown around the city by Kampala’s socialite, South African businessman late Ivan Semwanga who had a mysterious death back in May 2017. He was well known for throwing the December all white parties at the famous Kampala industrial area clubs of Governor and silk. Earlier this week, Zari Hassan a South Africa…

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Grief, tears as fallen speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s body arrives at Entebbe Airport.


All in pain: First and foremost, as, we would love to come together with Uganda and the people of Omoro district as we celebrate the life of the fallen speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah. May his soul rest in eternal peace. At exactly 2:00 pm Ugandan time, The Vice President Jessica Alupo, Speaker of Parliament Anita Among, Chief Justice…

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