Jumia brand ambassador to expose fake social media influencers

Music artist, social media influencer, and Jumia Uganda brand ambassador Apass aka Bagonza hit hard on fake social media influencers who boost their pages for great following and likes. For any new battle coming up from Apass, it always starts from his Twitter. Earlier this morning, we might think that he woke up from the bad side of the bed…

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Fred Lumbuye finally exposed. You have no moral authority to ask for my CV

Fred Lumbuye and Isma Olaxess

The latest reaching our gossiping desk is Jajja Iculi aka Isma Olaxess hitting hard on Lumbuye Fred aka chemical Ali. If you ever think of battles between Russia and Ukraine, think of Lumbuye and Isma Olaxess when it comes to Uganda. At times, these have gone the extra mile to expose each other in and out.   So what’s the…

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Smack’s HM exposed by the principal’s social media team.

Brother Deodati Aliganyira

Brother Aliganyira and the horrible bad days.   If you think you are experiencing bad days, imagine SMACK’S HM brother Deodati Aliganyira. Over the past weeks, things seem to be worsening on his side, the latest landing on our desks at Postdator are allegations of him as a man-eater of fellow male teachers during his works of operation. The allegations…

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