Museveni Raises Concerns over Processed Health Insurance Bill

The State Minister of Health General duties Robinah Nabanja have informed the health committee that the national insurance bill is not ready to proceed with the bill after President Museveni raised some concerns over the bill.

The object of the bill is to develop health insurance as a mechanism for financing health care in Uganda to facilitate the provision of efficient, equitable, accessible, affordable and quality health care to all residents of

The scheme is also aimed at ensuring quality of health care services, equity, appropriate utilization of services and patient satisfaction in the provision of health care.

The Minister made the revelation while appearing before the Parliament committee on Health but didn’t reveal the specific concerns that the president had raised.

The committee chaired by the Bukuya county MP has been scrutinizing the bill and was today expected to be the last time they receive views from stakeholders.

While appearing before the committee, Nabanja declined to make any comment on the bill saying that the ministry is still carrying out further consultations on the bill to address the issues raised by the president.

This however left many MPs disappointed with the development saying that it will deny many Ugandans access to health care.

Nabanja requested that the committee accords the Ministry more time as well as seeking off time to interact with the President.

“We still need to put our Head of State on board, I am going to see that we get audience with the President and the committee so that he can have some input in the bill,” Nabanja said.

It should be noted that the bill was tabled before Parliament last year after approval by Cabinet on June 24, 2019.

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