Top 5 Proven Benefits of Having a Business Website.

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Business Website.

Hello please! Let me pose a simple question for you. How often do you blindly purchase a product or service from a company that you know nothing about? Think about the last two times you bought body Lotions. Were they of the same brand? Why is that? Because the company has built up trust, fully recommended by the whole public and has built confidence in your mind. It’s because it has ran a lot of TV commercials, radio and has got online presence.

Why do I need a website in the first place?

Well, your website is a great source of information, knowledge, or tools that can provide value to the people visiting it. Starting a website is a great way for people to get all the information they need about a given topic / niche. For example, if I visit one website about Shipping, and I can get all the information I need from that one site, I’m probably going to keep coming back to that site rather than jumping between various sites every day to get the same information. So, with that in mind, here are the top 5 proven benefits of having a business website.

  • It gives your business a home online. / It gives your business an online presence.

Your customers are online, guess what, your competitors are also online. If you don’t have an online presence, you’re basically leaving money on the table. In today’s business edition, every business is putting huge budgets for online presence before even there product launch. Tell me of any famous brands or small businesses that have launched recently and don’t have an online presence, at least they have got a Facebook business  page. Its not that every business needs to have e-commerce features but at least it needs  to have in-depth details about your business, products you offer, location and your working hours throughout the week. Having a website also helps you reach a much bigger audience.  Instead of just reaching people in your home town, you can reach customers on a national scale or even a global scale.

  • Get discovered in Google search results.

Getting found and appearing on the Google search is not that easy in the beginning stages.
But having a good quality website assures that if you regularly maintain the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your site, and create the most relevant content for your audience, in the long run, Google will start showing your site in their search results. So, once your website starts appearing on the Google search results, then you will be able to grow your business fast without even spending much on the marketing.

  • Its a 24/7, 365 days sales engine for your business.

For any successful business, a reliable sales team or person is required for smooth running of the business. But in human history, we have not had any sales person that can work around the clock. This has only been accomplished by only businesses that have an online presence (Website). For example, Amazon , Alibaba, EBay. These 3 big online stores that run e-commerce operations, don’t need any sales teams to run all around the clock, they are always open to display all product categories needed by their customers. Their clients are freely to place orders anytime from any part of the world as long as they have access to internet connectivity. You can also run your business on auto pilot by giving your customers flexibility on when they can take orders without living their comfort zone.

  • You are able to respond to Customers quickly.

Unlike operating a traditional business/shop, with your business having an online presence (Website), you are capable of responding to your customers quickly. A website is not limited to working hours, it can run the whole year around the clock as you sleep. No need to worry about how you will respond to your customer requests since your website can be designed to run on autopilot with auto responders to keep your customers engaged until when you are back online.

  • A great way to build a customer emailing list.

Emailing lists continue to be an extremely important part of growing and maintaining a
business. Email lists give you an opportunity to connect with the people you know are interested
in your business or products. So, What is an emailing list? Great! An emailing list is like your
phone book where you store your customer contacts. Unlike phone numbers, emails are
collected from your website through newsletters or subscription alerts when your website visitors decide to freely drop their email to your subscriptions for future updates. In that you are able to send them emails frequently about future product releases, new stock and much more for easy communication.

Hope this article was quite positive and simple to implement, Kindly feel free to reach us in the comments section below incase you find it hard to implement the above benefits.

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