Young people wake up and take on the challenge – Amos Wekesa.

There has always been a concern amongst a certain section( not everybody of course) of the tourism fraternity, why do they pick on Amos always?

To be honest, I also struggle with it and I wish more people came forward so we get a variety of opinions regarding tourism at a higher level. I actually tell people, look for other guys.

In one of the tourism forums yesterday, a guy asks, we have Professors, better speakers, more intelligent people but why Amos? I personally know, it’s just a period and it will pass. He is right there are more intelligent people out there and I also don’t get it.

The truth is some people are coming up, some of whom, I have participated in mentoring and we shall soon see them taking on issues at a higher level. Am looking forward to that.

Meanwhile, am just a passionate person and I might soon be forced to join Agriculture as Jajja has advised and because am passionate about whatever I do, you will be forced to hear same amount of noise coming from me. Ain’t you guys hearing about biking from me? But I also believe that God wanted me to do some of these things. Read below examples and see if it’s not God’s doing?

People wake up and think I should be in some forums. In 2011, a group led by Hon. Sendawula( Former minister of Finance, Uganda) went to Kenya to meet the President of Kenya. Sendawula said, I want Wekesa on my team. I agreed. We reached Kenyan statehouse, they said, we want only 2 people to speak from each country.

Guess what Sendawula said, it’s Wekesa and I to speak. I told him nedda sebo, we have other prominent Ugandans in the team, I can’t be the one. He refused. I spoke and the Kenyan President refered me to Mr.Uhuru kenyatta who was the Minister of Finance then now President of Kenya. Sendawula said, you see I told you, with you, we would get some stuff done.

That time, Ugandan registered cars were being given hard time entering Kenyan national Parks plus Ugandan cars being built for safari were a target of Kenya revenue authority. Mr. Uhuru took me into a corner and said, that was a brilliant argument from you. He sorted that out there and then.

Last year, a Ugandan business community and Kenyan business community were to meet Our president and kenyan President in Mombasa. My name came up and I said No, choose someone else and they said, then tourism won’t be represented. I agreed and did a presentation, guess what happened?

Kenyan President in his speech said, Where is this Wekesa man? Leave Uganda and come to Kenya and if you hadn’t come on a Wednesday, I was going to take you for a drink. We were many speakers by the way. I did my presentation in 7 minutes only but he gave it maximum attention. I was the only guy in jeans and folded shirt but see……

Anyway, young people wake up and take on the challenge…

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