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I received a phone call from a rather inquisitive client two weeks ago, she had been instructed by her Boss to choose among the top web hosting companies in Uganda. This she later narrated to me after I insisted on knowing why she was asking deep questions no other client has ever asked me.

This is what she had to say, “I had three seemingly good companies to choose from but you gave me more information than your other competitors”
Guess what, I had managed to dig deeper to get name of the person who was managing their domain name that had expired 5 years ago.
On presenting the report, her boss wondered how I got to know the name of the gentleman who was his domain contact person 5 years ago.
That alone gave confidence to the boss, that I knew what I was selling, and consequently gave Hostalite the business.
Food for Thought.

Assuming all of you are reputable companies being vetted, what extra competence you would exhibit to convince the panel that you are the right company for the Job.
Think about it and feel free to share it.
For example we all know that some parents don’t go parties with kids for fear of having to run around and hence not enjoying the function, A smart wedding planner or events manager might decide to do something extra like catering for little guests aged 3 months – 8 years.

The children would have the opportunity to play with age-related toys, games, puzzles and non-messy creative activities. They would also provide a quiet area for children who want to rest or listen to a story.

This gives comfort to both the parents and children, the bride and the groom e.t.c
Do we have wedding /event planners planners in the house. Tag them for this tip.
By the way I am also writing a book where you will find more business insights.
God bless you and #Seeyouathetop.

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