Just Days: Accident Victim Peter Kamugasa Raises Shs12m through Dolphin Fund, Mobile Money

The recently launched Dolphin fund an online community driven funding platform has continued to aid Ugandans raise funds from friends and relatives to sail through the different challenges of life.

In the latest development, Peter Kamugasa an accident victim has been able to raise over Shs12m through the Dolphin fund platform and mobile money to help fund his medical bills.

On August 16th, 2016, Kamugasa was involved in a nasty motor accident and broke both his legs and since then he has been in and out of hospital fighting to get back on feet.

“A couple of weeks ago I got corrective surgery for one of my knees only a few of you got to know about it. Those who knew were surprised I was still active on the page. This week I went back to hospital for a review and talked to the doctor about some sharp pain that I get in my hip when am dressing up at times even when am walking”, Kamugasa posted on his social media platform.

Kamugasa noted that this is the hip he broke in the accident adding that after x-rays the doctor was surprised that he was still even walking for the damaged hip had shifted and was knocking on some nerves which could cause him severe effects like completely losing the use of his legs.

“After consultations it was decided I need a total hip replacement and this same bad leg has a stiff knee which needs replacement with ligament reconstruction. Am here by humbly requesting for your help my bill is Shs100M, any contribution will be highly appreciated”, Kamugasa added.

On learning about Kamugasas critical condition that needs urgent attention, his friends and members of the famous NOSTALGIC MEMORIES (Golden Oldies) Facebook group chose to launch a fundraising campaign for him.

Within just a few days, they have been able to raise, Shs1, 914, 000 through Dolphin Fund platform, Shs10, 093, 838 through Mobile Money and Shs200, 000 through Kamugasas bank account of a total of Shs100m set target.

Commenting about the achievement, Dolphin Founder, Dickson Mushabe appreciated God noting that it really gives him joy that the platform is being used to solve real pains, helping worthy causes while restoring hope.

Mushabe said that it’s amazing that in just a few days, friends and wellwishers have already raised some good funds towards a rightful cause.

He as well expressed joy that Uganda now has a crowdfunding platform that accepts the Mobile money and Visa cards

You can join the fundraising campaign by clicking on the link https://dolphinfund.org/campaign/84/nostie-pita-kamuz-fund

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