Airtel voice bundles and how you can get them easily

Communicating to loved ones in 2021 is not the same as it was in the 80s or 90s, we moved from drums and horns to post mails and then finally advanced to telecommunications where a phone sorts a thousanda of our problems.

Many telecom companies have emerged to help us see that as a possibility and one of them is Airtel.

Below is a list of Airtel Uganda Voice Bundles and how you can subscribe to use them.

With Airtel’s Voice Bundles more talk time is delivered on to your phone at a price cheaper than the telcome company’s one rate of 2/= per second.

The good news is that all these voice bundles can be easily accessed by using a single USSD short code that gives you options of a daily, weekly, and monthly packages.

By Dialling *149# you get access to the full Airtel Uganda voice bundles menu with My Pakalast leading a 10 options list and Freeky friday leading from the bottom.

From the list, you can access bundles that expire after 24hours, 30 minutes, 7days, or even 90days depending on the which bundles you wish to exploit or use or according to how deep your pockets can push.
For Daily Bundles, you can get talk voice bundle minutes from as low as UGX 500, with the maximum offer going for UGX 5,000.

As for the Weekly offers, these range from UGX 2,000 for 45minutes to UGX 6,000 for 225 minutes.

The Monthly bundles, offers range from UGX 5,000 for 125 mins to 75,000 for 3600 mins.

Though for these base daily, weekly, and monthly parameters, My Pakalast bundles differ per customer depending on an account owners way of using the bundles.

If you rarely use their Pakalast offers then your package will be cheaper but for as long as you a long time daily user, prices will go high and become more.

Here is a guide that you can use to activate these juicy bundles

How to Buy Airtel Voice Bundles

Dial *149#
Select your Preferred bundle’ type (Daily,Weekly, Monthly, etc)
Then, choose a preferred offer (For example Pakalast 30mins @1000/=
Select Payment method (airtime or Mobile Money
Your Voice Bundle will be loaded to your account

Buying an Airtel Voice Bundles for Another Number

Dial *149#
Select Option 7 (Option 7) or *149*7#
Select Preferred Bundle Type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc)
Then, choose a preferred offer (For example Kawa 10mins @500/=)
Enter Receiver’s Number (The one you’re buying for)
Select Payment Method that is Airtime or Mobile money
Once payment is made, the Voice bundle will be sent to your account.

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