‘I made sure Zuena is popular to make money’ – Bebe Cool

Musician Bebe Cool is proud of the fame his wife, Zuena Kirema enjoys. 

Bebe Cool knew from the beginning of their relationship that putting his wife in the limelight would make business sense in the long run.

While explaining to the press why he posts his wife a lot on social media, he said;

“I don’t know why other men post their wives but in my case, I made sure she is popular.”

“In the long run, I knew it would pay off.”

“Now, her name is known by everyone and that helps her to promote her cake business and she doesn’t need to advertise”.

Zuena is rated as one of Uganda’s sexiest women. Her figure is to die for even after pushing five kids.

She has graced more newspaper pages than any other woman.

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