‘I don’t eat beans’ – Doreen Kabareebe

Multi-award winning city model Doreen Kabareebe says there is no cooking recipe that can give her the urge to eat beans at any given moment in her life.

Doreen Kabareebe revealed so while appearing on NBS TV’s Kings Kitchen show where she claimed that even her late father used not to like beans.

She narrated that even if someone tried so hard to spice up the beans to the extent that they taste like beef or chicken, she can never eat them.

Kabareebe also made her dislike for posho known noting that she can only eat Ugali only if served with beef or Sukumawiiki but not beans.

There are some things that I don’t like eating; like beans. My dad also hated beans. When they used to serve him beans, he would ask if there was no meat. Beans, maybe posho, and I only like posho with Sukumawiiki and beef. But beans, how?

Even though you cook and spice up the beans to the extent that they taste like meat or chicken, I can’t taste them, No. there is no spice that can make eat beans. To me, it’s all rubbish.

Doreen Kabareebe then explained that most of the time, she likes to feed on bacon, liver, pork ribs, chicken, and anything meat in small quantities.

“I like bacon, liver, pork ribs, chicken, anything meat as long as it is in small quantities.”

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