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Not all workplaces are like ours that asked us to stay home immediately the first case of Covid19 was reported in Uganda. However many offices and businesses have been forced to close their doors and stay home after the lockdown was announced and implemented. Working from home indeed creates one too many gray areas for the employee and employer. Some of these are;

If I get injured while working from home, is my employer still liable to compensate me?

Yes, your employer is still liable to compensate you provided you get your injury while you were doing work that is in the line of your duties. This means that an injury sustained while carrying out tasks that are unrelated to your work such as cleaning your house are not compensated by the employer.

Who foots the bill for the necessary equipment to allow me work from home?

The employer has a duty to provide you with the necessary equipment to allow you work from home to ensure that you perform your duties. Just like when you are at office, the employer provides things like internet, computer and so on for you, they also need to ensure that they provide the necessary equipment while at home for you to perform your duties successfully. Such expectations, however, must be reasonable. For instance, an employer may not be required to provide you with electricity or running water for you to work from home.

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