Over 9 Million Raised On Crowdfunding Site Dolphin Fund

Will there ever be a system where funds and other resources are efficiently allocated to the causes that need them most?

Dolphin Fund’s objective is to ensure that the individuals and organisations in our communities who need funding are able to spread the word about their causes and mobilize support to do their work. This is being done through campaigns where funds are mobilised from friends, family and the wider community.

Semu Nsibirwa is one of the latest beneficiaries of the platform. He set up a campaign to raise money to purchase supplies to continue his work of disinfecting Entebbe hospital.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Kampala businessman set out to do his bit to support efforts to curb the spread of the disease. Every day, in the morning and evening, Semu can be found spraying rooms in the hospital as well as stairs and other common areas around the hospital. His work attracted the attention of various people including featuring on a national television news segment.

Semu, however, decided to take advantage of DolphinFund’s fundraising systems to continue to raise money for the disinfectant and other supplies that he required for his work. To date the campaign has raised an impressive 332,000 and it continues to run on the site.

Mr. Semu Nsibirwa the latest beneficiary of the platform. He set up a campaign to raise money to purchase supplies to continue his work of disinfecting Entebbe hospital.

“For me, seeing successful campaigns happening means that this idea is bringing the much needed support to communities as we all slowly come out of the lockdown. And this is what I wanted to achieve when I set up the site,” Dickson Mushabe, the originator of the Dolphin Fund platform said.

He made the remarks at an event that was held to hand over the funds to Mr. Nsibirwa.

Through the crowdfunding site, users have so far managed to raise over 9 million shillings towards various causes. Campaigns have included businesses, families or charities that are facing challenges due to the restrictions that were placed on the nation to stop the spread of covid-19, startups looking to raise capital, individuals looking to fund medical interventions and many more.

“We hope to harness the spirit of generosity that Ugandans have been known to have,” Mr. Mushabe says. “That same attitude that people have as they contribute towards weddings and funerals.”

As more and more Ugandans get familiar with the idea of crowdfunding, the platform founders hope that the world class technology and security features that are being used on the site will increase the confidence and participation of donors for the various campaigns. Anyone can donate using mobile money or visa cards.

“Our aim was to ensure that we make the process as simple and as convenient as possible,” Mr. Mushabe says, “Even people who don’t have access to the internet can have someone representing them to start a campaign but the money then goes to them directly.”

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