Record Era Butida Released on Police Bond

Last week was a hectic one for upcoming young star Record Era Butida known as Makumbi Ashiraf.

He was put into cold cells together with his boss claimed to be manager city tycoon Sipapa alias Otim Charles.

But as the situation looks now, Record Era Butida is a free man again.

Yesterday on the 24th of June 2021 Makumbi who we well know as Record Era was release by police but on police bond.

The youngster came out of prison with parables and quotes to tell, he was thankful too and made it clear by speaking to the media about his time in the coolers.
“Most times, uhmmm God’s help usually takes long but what’s good and what’s the best is it in the end reaches.”

“I (Butida) have been in prison, was arrested without any crimes attached together with others but what does this give us.”

“It has given us lessons, even the bible says, God said that never judge a case (against someone) before he manages it.”

“So me as Butida it has given me massive lessons,” Butida narrated.
He threw hard hard parables at us and continued his speech with a lot of calmness, it seemed as if he had transformed from a gangster to a pastor or motivational speaker in a split period of four to five days in prison.
He concluded saying, “God is great that I Butida and the others that we were arrested with have been released today on police bond and I strongly believe that Big boss the number one city tycoon Sipapa is going to be released any time as well because he has no crime.”

Butida was engineered to freedom by his mother who made an alarm to media about her son’s arrest and it was then followed up by lawyers who handled legal teams and terms to fight for his justice.
Therefore he thanked his mother greatly by at the end and prayed for her to get more blessings in this word.

Sipapa remains in coolers with hopes rising that he will also be released any time soon.
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