Golola Moses ready to take Sheebah off the stall

Self-made celebrity, the over talkative renowned kick boxing champion Golola Moses has publicly confessed his readiness to smash TNS singer Sheebah Karungi’s sumbie.

According to Golola, he is also still a proud “Sekyeyombekedde.”

The single and searching sportsman says he is more than ready to relieve the Swagg Mama of her cold and single nights.

Golola Moses is ready to walk Sheebah down the aisle as his future partner and husband.

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The development comes just days when the “Boy Fire” singer took to her social media to announce how she is single and searching and a proud “Nakyeyombekedde.”

“Coolest Nakyeyombekedde ever,” Sheebah posted on her socials.

‘The Queen of the Area’ would further surprise horny men around town as she outed the credentials of her future partner during an exclusive interview mention one being loving and totally obsessed to her desires among others.

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Golola Moses confesses

During a recent TV interview with Spark TV, Golola Moses vowed to relieve Sheebah’s pain by marrying her as his baby mama.

“I’m also still a Sekyeyombekedde and I happen too to be the reason as to why Sheebah has taken all this long to get a partner caz I’m her future husband.”

We both hail from Kawempe no wonder we know how to love each other. She is the only woman who wishes to fulfil my dream.”

One time, as I was in my dream, I saw Sheebah and I held her tightly. When I tried to kiss her, I unfortunately realised that Sheebah wasn’t around.”

And I promised to fulfil this dream. Sheebah should come and we fulfil this dream because this is not a joking subject, it’s not an affair.”

You know marriage is like mornachy rule, u have to give it respect. I have the qualities of her future partner. I’m sexual and lovely, and not ready to mess her up with cooking since I’m a chef for heaven’s sake,” Moses Golola.

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