Bindeeba Raymond, Mr. Cocktail: Excited Precious Remmie praises new lover on live TV.

Bindeeba Raymond

Wow, believe us or not, this time you have to agree with Postdator. When you meet a new bonk-mate, to the ladies, the cassava bearer. It’s a trend of new lifestyles, fantasy names and much more.

On the streets of kampala and all over social media, we got Mr. Cocktail. It’s from none other than your one and only celebrated Tv and Radio personality Nakiito Rehema, famously known as Precious Remmie who’s floating all over the sky happy with new bonk-mate Bindeeba Raymond.

During her interview on the Mwasuze Mutya show hosted by Faridah Nakazibwe on NTV, she revealed that Bindeeba does things that she never experienced in her past love life. Precious Remmie also continues to add that Raymond does things that no man has ever done for her and she implies that the only way to wrap all the goodies is to nickname him Mr. Cocktail.

Why did you decide to go public?

First and foremost, I never wanted my relationship to go public. My Kukyala and Kwanjula were both private, but unsurprisingly, photos stormed the internet and went virah, so I had to come in and make everything open to my fans, Precious Remmie narrates.

Dear Postdator readers, what do you think, will it end in tears? Give us your prediction

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  1. It will end it tears
  2. Lovers to grow old together

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