Cursed Bindeeba Raymond drowns Premious Remmie’s long life career

Precious Remmie fired from Galaxy FM

Latest coming in, the rise and fall of Precious Remmie months after hooking up with a smart wire Bindeeba Raymond aka Mr Cocktail. Hope many of you can remember Maama Phina’s words towards Precious Remmie. Should we say the curses are working out

Well, If there’s one word, to sum up, Bindeeba and Precious Remmies’ relationship, all I can say is it’s cursed. In just months of their relationship, the famous TV, Radio presenter, and fashion star have lost her longtime career.

First, she was sucked from spark Tv where she used to air the lugambo show every evening and the latest coming in is the suck from Galaxy FM’s morning saga. We always say it will end in tears, but this time around it is hitting harder than the tears.

Why was she sucked from the Morning show?


Emeka, Precious Remmie and Detacha
Emeka, Precious Remmie, and Detacha

Reasons are not yet clear, but from an undisclosed source, this came about low show ratings. At some point, we all listen to the radio, and mind you radio stations work with ratings, and morning, afternoon, and evening shows play a major role. I understand many of you might be Precious Remmie’s fans, but we also had Emeka in the same suit.



Hello awesome people, I just wanted to communicate that I’ll no longer be doing the Morning Saga Show on Galaxy FM. It’s been an awesome one year at the Zzina Station. 

Thanks all for listening in and loving me, and for all the fun moments. Time to move on.” Emeka’s Update to fans

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