Failed UMA president resigns to concentrate on his music career, endorses King Saha

Former Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Ykee Benda real name Wycliffe Tugume steps down to pave the way for would-be successful and capable leaders to take on UMA. 

We have all witnessed Ykee Benda from roots to fruits in his music career and he is one person who can make things happen at whatever cost, but as per the UMA presidency, he might have stepped in deeper waters than he can ever imagine. 

“I had to leave office because most of the people i was working with were not transparent and their intentions were far away from the core goals of the association” Ykee Benda


Earlier this week, from his (Ykee Benda) social media channels, Ykee released a bitter note to the retired music artists that he used to work with at the association blaming them of not focusing on the core values of the association. 

“Most of the colleagues were elders in music who no longer practice music and have nothing to lose that’s why they care less about them (musicians) but focus on government money individually”


In doing so Ykee spotted King saha as the best match to battle the big boys in the Uganda Musicians Association. He added (Ykee benda) “The reason I am voting for King Saha is because I trust him, I’ve dealt with him for the past 5 years. He is a man of his word, and I trust him to be my president because he knows how bad we need this to work, he is an active musician that has something to lose if he messes up with anything”. 

Wow, for sure Ykee Benda might not be good at practicing politics, but I am sure he can set a chess board for political reasons. Spotting King Saha is a big target hit. We hear of some rumors rolling around the city that King Saha is dating one of the big guys’ daughters. If we are hitting hard, I think Ykee benda had an open eye on spotting king Saha.

Hi Postdator reader and music lover. Do you think Ykee Benda has a big bet giving king saha a green light for Uganda Musicians Association (UMA). Give us what you think of Ykee Benda’s idea in the Comment section below.

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