Big Eye’s heart breaking message to NUP supporters

Big Eye Uganda

Entertainment: Finally, NRM diehard Mayanja Ibrahim asks to join NUP


Celebrated music star, socialite, and NRM diehard Mayanja Ibrahim alias Big Eye Uganda confesses to fans and NUP supporters how he is living a stressful life day after day.

In the early days of joining NRM and supporting President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni publicly, it didn’t impress his music fans. He might have gained materialistic things from the party, but he finally lost his career as fans wouldn’t reside with him due to political indifferences.

Like it has always been said, you can not mix family with work, but this time around, BIg Eye Uganda has lost it all after mixing politics with his music career.

In recent years and performances, we have seen how deep hate is affected as fans no longer appreciate his performance, they now chase him off stage and throw plastic bottles at him during the performance.

For a long now, BIg Eye has always cried to the government for help and asked fans for forgiveness, to allow him to make money like any other artist.

Through his tweet, he revealed that his living situation is worsening each and every day and he asked all Ugandans to welcome him wherever they see him.


“Banange embeera enyize naye mwe bange. Bwemundaba eyo munyanirize.” Big Eye’s Tweet


A lot is now following his tweet with the allegation that he wants to join the National Unity Platform, after being used and dumped by Nation Resistance Movement


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