Tips for Acing your Online Interview

With the increase in the utilization of online services by businesses and organizations, it is important for job seekers to note that many companies have decided to opt for online interviews, contrary to the normal face to face interviews, especially amidst the COVID-19 times. Making an excellent impression on a recruiter online can be tricky but it is not impossible. Here is what you need to keep in mind to ace that interview:

Equip your self with the necessary software

Your interviewer will communicate to you  before hand what kind of platform you will be using for the  interview. This should give you a chance to install and test the  platform prior to avoid unnecessary fidgeting during the interview.


You can use applications like zoom to record your test meeting  and listen to your self so you can perfect your responses and ideas. Friends could also help you do your test interview and correct a few mistakes. Make sure you are not tired or in a bad mood by the time of the interview.

Make sure you can be heard

This should be done during your platform testing as earlier discussed. Bad audio will spoil your interview real fast and consequently waste your and the interviewer’s time. Preferably, use headphones instead of the inbuilt speakers on your computer.

Your appearance matters

The golden rule that you should dress formally and in subtle colors still applies with an online interview. Avoid bright colors and patterned outfits because they distract the person on the other side of the line.

Make your background neutral

This is one area that tells the interviewer what kind of person you are. A disorganized room or a messy kitchen send a message to the interviewer that you are a disorganized person and that  you do not take the interview serious.It also distracts the interviewer from what you are saying. A plain subtle colored wall or background is advisable.

Mind your sitting posture

Choose a comfortable and reasonably sized chair and sit upright like you would in a face to face interview. Slouching on a couch or in a big armchair is disrespectful and may send a wrong message to the interviewer.

Proper Lighting is key

Ensure proper lighting where you are so that the video picture can come out right but also so that you do not distract the interviewer with  a very dark or very bright picture of you.Use natural light if possible.

Prioritize the camera, not the screen

It is important that the interviewer see you clearly, not the other way round.So you might want to use a laptop with a reasonably good camera. If you can be able to hold your phone still and position it to give a full view of your face ,it is preferable for this purpose as phones have much better cameras than laptops

Make eye contact

This does not mean that you look into the interviewer’s  eyes on the video. It means that you look into the camera while speaking. That way it feels more like eye contact to the interviewer.

Eliminate Distractions

While at home, there may be a number of distractions like noise from the television, distractions from children,doors opening and closing etc. Make sure you are in a secluded place with none of these distractions. Another point to note is to close all other applications
on your computer/device and keep just the video conference active. This will prevent distractions like auto music playing, popups and notifications.The trouble to close these in the middle of a call could make you lose your train of thought.

Mind the time difference

If you are interviewing for a job outside your timezone, it is your  job to align your time with the interviewer’s time to avoid missing the call.Be early and be ready.

Make a cheat sheet

You can use your space that is not reflected on camera to your  advantage by sticking a note of things you do not want to forget behind your camera.The interviewer will not notice that you are reading unless you make it too obvious to them.

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