Africa receives a world-first SD-WAN solution for satellite traffic

Gilat Telecom has announced the commercial availability of its Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) for both satellite and fiber networks after extensive testing in the DRC and ISPs in both Niger and Seychelle.

Gilat Telecom designed its SD-WAN to specifically address the needs of African MNOs, ISPs and enterprises. Most MNOs and ISPs in Africa use both satellite and fiber networks to maximise coverage.

Gilat Telecom’s SD-WAN enables service providers and MNOs to centrally control the route that both satellite and fiber traffic takes to and from the customer.

For African MNOs and ISPs, the biggest benefit is the ability to achieve more from their satellite bandwidth. With Gilat Telecom’s intelligent routing, capacity can now be expanded by up to 20%.

For enterprises with multiple office sites served by individual routers Gilat the SD-WAN can sit in HQ and enable traffic across the enterprise’s network to be managed from one central SD-WAN controller.

This enables the enterprise to save bandwidth, money and gives users faster connectivity. It can also effectively help a company calculate how much capacity its network links can provide and the latency on each link, Intelligently route traffic and prioritise the most important applications of customers plus maximize redundancy so that if one link fails then traffic is automatically re-routed.

Amir Cohen, CTO of Gilat Telecom, said “Our SD-WAN solution enables MNOs, ISPs and enterprises across Africa to achieve more capacity from less hardware and software. It has been extensively tested by three reputable companies and I would like to publicly thank them for their extensive feedback which helped our engineers to create a world-first.”

In early 2019, Liptinfor Niger approached Gilat Telecom to help maximise its satellite and fiber bandwidth. Liptinfor provides voice and data services to people and businesses across Niger using satellite, fiber and wireless networks and traditional IP routers and switches.

Olivier de Boissett, CEO of Liptinfor Niger, positively commented “Gilat Telecom is an innovative company that understands the needs of fast-growing challenger operators. Both our retail and enterprise customers have commented on the improved speeds and higher up-time, and our network managers are thrilled to have greater control over capacity.”

Source: BiztechAfrica.

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