Youth Advised to Innovatively Use Social Media to Boost Business

The National Youth and Advocacy Platform Uganda (NYAP-U) has called upon young people to be innovative and make good use of the internet and the technology close to them instead of lamenting over the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NYAP-U National Coordinator, James Cleto Mumbere told the youth that despite the many challenges brought about by the pandemics, there are a number of opportunities that need to be tapped into and can enhance the youth livelihood.

Mumbere said that since the outbreak, a number of youth have been rendered jobless while others have been pushed back to the villages with little hope of getting back to work.

“With all these challenges, there are other sectors and opportunities that have not been explored by the young people yet once explored their lives would take another turn,” Mumbere said.

The youth activist noted that it’s high time these youth rose up from their comfort zones and ventured into sectors that are currently flourishing.

“It is so unfortunate that no one is coming up with alternatives to engage the youth with other opportunities to support their livelihoods but instead they are being fed on handouts from government and other well-wishers through the National taskforce which has only benefited those within the urban centres,” Mumbere said.

Mumbere said that the youth should consider venturing into the agricultural sector and positioning themselves along the value chain

“We are saying that we should not look at COVID-19 as only a challenge but must find the opportunities laying within it; we have seen many sectors closing down but one sector that has not closed is the agricultural sector which can still employ a large number of youths,” Mumberere noted.

He as well appealed to the young people to make good use of the internet other than just politicking and socializing.

“Despite the challenges with internet connection in the country, there are a number of businesses that are now being run through the different internet platforms that can help the youth earn a better living,” Mumbere noted.

Mumbere sighted the bodaboda industry and we’ll as the different market places that are now using the internet to market their goods.

“COVID-19 has proved that we can carry on with business through the internet and social media platforms are turning out into stalls which youth should be tapping into instead out wasting precious time just socialising,” Mumbere said.

The youth leader thus called upon governments to reconsider the social media tax as well as widening the internet coverage in the country so that the youth in rural centres can as well market their products.


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