OFFICIAL – Maggie Kaweesi Dumps & Replaces Grenade with Rabadaba

OFFICIAL - Maggie Kaweesi Dumps and Replaces Grenade with Rabadaba

It’s no longer reported, it’s official, stamped, done, and dusted that Grenade official well known for his songs “Nkuloga” and many others was dumped by the beautiful mother of two at once Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi who is also a widow to the late AK 47. As we speak now, she is now a pending wife to Rabada alias Seguya Faizo.

Maggie Salha Seguya as she is called now was a wife to the late AK 47 Mayanja who was a young dance hall god with who she bore twins before he met up with fate and it ended his life on March 16th of 2015, she was a widow living in the United States but had a lot of money.

After a few years of being alone and taking care of the dead man’s kids as a Nalongo, “Nalongo” is a term used by Ugandans to refer to a mother of twins.
Around October 2019, she decided her beans were really getting cold and needed a fire to warm them up so she went back to celebrity names in a one Grenade Official who was then an upcoming artist with the song Nkuloga hitting rounds on the Ugandan music billboards.

It then ended in tears as most of us the online in-laws prefer to call it after Maggie Kaweesi (Nalongo) found out that her skinny big lipped darling was busy feasting on Sheila Gashumba’s bean too. She was furious at the small boy for the lies he always paraded at her doors and so they both decided to call it a day and each moved out of the other’s precious lives not leaving a shoe behind.

It has never been official as it is as of today, or two days back when Maggie who has even been a christian decide to turn to Islam and after introduce her new man who we all know as Rabadaba who is a Moslem by the name Seguya Faizo.
The two had their introduction at Kitala along Entebbe road and it didn’t take the covid sops for functions to step in as it was a full house in there. It was attended by musicians Lydia Jazmine and Winnie Nwagi and other important people who will act as witnesses in future that the two visited each others ancestral homes.

Ever since people saw Rabadaba with Maggie, rumors started circulating that he was not in love with her but wanted to use her as a scapegoat to enter the land of opportunities United States of America but Seguya Faizo aka Rabadaba rubbished those claims saying it’s not true and it’s a jealous mind that thinks of his love with Maggie now known as Salha as a fake and that it will end in tears.

“I’ve known Maggie for 20 years now and we have been so close, we met in 2001 studying at Mengo together before we got lost on each other. Both of us have had lives and now fate has brought us back together,” said Rabadaba.
When asked if it will end in tears he replied, “Those who think they know us don’t know a thing about us, we know each other and have so much in common, she’s like a best friend, patner, business associate so why not (be with her through and through).”

Its now confirmed and open to everyone that Seguya Faizo and Maggie Kaweesi Salha are an item leaving our own Grenade Official dumped and trashed.
We wish them the very best in their new life as an official couple and can’t wait for the wedding… Thanks for reading through to the last bit, now come to check on us tomorrow for new hot gossip and entertainment news that you can rely on

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