Fille Mutoni Trashes Mc Kats Music Management For A Bigger Dream

Fille Mutoni

When love is new, you can abuse the pope for being bald and your lover will not complain but twist the tale and do the exact same thing after the love ends in tears or when u bitterly break up, we shall have the whole of Rome at your house asking for answers. Fille Mutoni who is an Ex-wife to Mc Kats of NBS TV finally made a big leap and trashed his baby daddy’s music management.

Fille Mutoni and Mc Kats were lovers for quite a long time, the two have kids together and amidst all the wild stories that flew ahead of their heads, these two were strongly together till 2019 when everything started turning upside down.
First it was rumored that Fille was cheating on Kats with other men and as they say a bad workman blames his tools, it was the case here. When Kats tried to fight for his lover, the men were too strong and he got badly beaten up.

The two since then had hiccups in their love story, till it came to a crunchy halt and they broke up bitterly with the reasons not clear but majority have reported was because Mc Kats was found out to be having HIV/Aids.
Since then Fille has never been prosperous in her music, career, she stopped making hits and also the Corona Virus pandemic hit the country in 2020 leaving all musicians stranded on poverty island.

There is good news for Fille and her fans across Uganda now, she’s got her self new management and that’s a positive clutch on the pedal because this could definitely mean a pat on the back for her music career.
She has found new pastures after releasing a song with Babaritah called “Esaawa yonna” where she seemed to be teaching Babaritah what to expect in love. Its here that she spoke to our sources,

“I want to say it in such a way that everyone understands it, Maritini Entertainment welcomed me as a new artist. So I am now officially under Maritini Entertainment as Fille an artist and am so excited about what we are going to make.” She confirmed
“There is a lot I have found in Maritini Entertainment that I’ve been looking for, for quite a long time without finding it but I’ve achieved it here. I got something that’s called Unity, there is unity in Maritini Entertainment, My friend Babaritah hasn’t showed me an attitude and its why at this time you’ve found us here. I am officially under Maritini Entertainment, they are the ones managing my music and I am happy.”

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Fille says that the her switch from Kats Record Label to Maritini Entertainment is not a negative change and it’s not a war between the two mangers, she confirms that the two are very good friends and that they are like brothers.
“Yes, this is a change that I believe is going to even elevate me higher, I don’t want back bite Kats that there is nothing he did, yayuwa wo omubiiri (a luganda phrase meaning he sacrificed everything) for Fille thats that’s the truth so I don’t want to say that the other side where I’ve been, there was a problem, no, its that where I’ve come, there is a new direction that is going to guide me to my new transition.”

We at postdator would like to wish Fille a great journey with Maritini Entertainment, Congratulations.
Thanks for reading through, What is your thought on the Fille Kats Saga?? See you around soon.

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